H2Pro Hydrate

H2Pro hydration

A long term sponsor of the team, H2Pro Hydrate take an innovative and scientific approach to hydration that made a lot of sense for the team with a focus on Kona each year.

Everyone knows that sweat loss varies between athletes but lesser known is the fact that the concentration of electrolytes in an athlete’s sweat can vary from one to another by as much as eight times. Combine these two variables and sodium management becomes a difficult issue to manage for long distance athletes.

All of the team athletes undergo sweat concentration testing using a patented process and are given a personal profile which is predominantly genetic and not affected by training loads. From this profile a personal hydration program is provided for training and racing and takes the guesswork out of staying hydrated.

Their products have a very fresh citrus taste and the athletes are enjoying working closely with H2Pro to give them an edge at races.

H2Pro hydrationH2Pro hydration

H2Pro hydrationH2Pro hydration