Skechers Performance

Skechers Team Freespeed

Our headline sponsor for 2014, it is fair to say that Skechers have turned a few heads – both inside and outside of the team.

Better known for their leisure shoes, Skechers have recently launched a Performance Division and are going to great lengths to make sure their products outperform and are a viable alternative to existing performance running shoes.

Their current range is firmly in the midfoot strike, neutral stability camp with varying levels of cushioning available. Skechers were very clear in their requirements – use the shoes, give us feedback and, if you like them, race in them. If not, then there is no pressure to wear them.

The team experimented with the differing models throughout 2013 and now all of the team have made the transition to using this as their race shoe. We cannot speak highly enough of the enthusiasm and expertise that has gone into developing this range of ultra lightweight, comfortable and, above all, fast shoes.

We look forward to helping Skechers to fine tune and develop their range for many years to come.

For more information on the Skechers Performance Division go here.

Skechers Team Freespeed

Skechers Team Freespeed