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New team sponsors for 2012

Team Freespeed Virgin Active have been so lucky to have been supported by some of the best sponsors in the sport and in 2012 we are delighted to welcome on board four new names.

California Raisins

Looking for a partner to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in the UK, California Raisins identified triathlon as the perfect sport for a balanced approach to fitness. They connected with the team management and have been supportive on many levels, in return the team are generating content within California Raisin’s direct audience and visibility in a healthy target market of triathletes.

The Trilife

thetrilife.com are the biggest coaching organisation in the UK and provide official coaching plans to Ironman, Human Race, Challenge and Castle Series events as well as running training weekends on the actual race courses. In addition, they provide personalised coaching to a large number of triathletes with an experienced line up of coaches including Bill Black, Andrea Whitcombe, Dan Salcedo and Richard Jones. The team are providing athlete support at the Ironman training weekends and are receiving valued support from thetrilife.com.

H2Pro Hydrate

An innovative hydration product, H2Pro approached the team with a view to mutual opportunities in 2012. Their scientific approach to hydration including sweat testing each athlete and setting personalised hydration programs appealed to the team with an eye on the heat of the lava fields in Kona. Andy Blow and Ben Brown from H2Pro are working closely with the team to optimise their hydration strategy before October and are a crucial partner of the team going forward.


The only hydration system on the market that appealed to the team is the A2 system from Speedfil. It is both more aero and more convenient than its competitors and we are so pleased that a company from as far afield as California could see the potential of working alongside Team Freespeed.


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